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Check for plagiarism: how to make sure your work is excellent

College is time for adventures, parties and fun but it is also time for studying and creating papers. Each paper you write, even if you were writing it yourself from scratch, requires plagiarism check. For example, you are making a presentation at college and want it to be unique, or you have ordered an essay to be written from a writing agency and want to check it for plagiarism.

No matter what the reason is, the goal is still the same: find out how to check for plagiarism.

So in order to help students around the globe cope with this task, developers created special free software that helps to make sure in the quality of your work. How does it all work?

Online plagiarism checker benefits

In a research paper, plagiarism is the thing your teachers are looking at first: then goes content quality, grammar, punctuation and style. Such priority is based on students’ attempts to copy the work and pass it off as their own composed paper. It led to plagiarism becoming one of main college problems and the reason of low grades. If you do not want to face these problems, do not copy the text (joke!). If you want to avoid such unpleasant situation as being caught on plagiarism, you may use plagiarism checker software.

Best plagiarism checker to use

Technological progress has become both a miracle and a curse for college teachers because it is so easy now to copy info from the Internet and successfully cope with your writing assignment and many people eagerly use this chance. However, with the help of plagiarism checker online you can easily check my paper for plagiarism and make sure everything is okay: such services search through billions of texts and find matches even if these are just a few words. It is just a matter of a few seconds.

If you use someone’s work without proper references and citations it can be considered as plagiarism and stealing of intellectual property. The real problem today is that lots of people do not even know about it and how it can impact them. Using plagiarism checker online you can be confident that the paper you are looking at is original and does not belong to other people. Especially important it is for research papers and dissertations because it may have really bad consequences. So how can you verify your paper?

How to check paper for plagiarism?

For those people who are unfamiliar with the technology of plagiarism checking software, such services process the content in order to find matching paragraphs with the documents stored in databases. Most of them work by the same principle and function as popular search engines such as Google and Bing. It is almost impossible to do it manually and this is what makes such services so powerful: the text is carefully scanned and researched through the World Wide Web to find identical sentences, paragraphs or even whole texts.

So how to check plagiarism online? There are a few options: you can download the document, copy and paste the text or choose it from Dropbox. Then you press the button Check and wait for results – when the search is done, you will receive the number in percentage that indicates how much your text is original. Not unique phrases and paragraphs will be highlighted in red so you can change them and try again. As you can see, the process is pretty simple and clear.

Remember that plagiarism is considered as theft so if you come across such work, you should inform about it your teacher or concerned authorities. But before you do that, make sure you checked all the references and citations in order not to get in trouble. We wish you good luck!